Dealer's Pack D.I.Y. Kit - 50 Super Chucks!

Dealer's Pack D.I.Y. Kit - 50 Super Chucks!

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DEALER'S PACK D.I.Y. KIT (50) DETAILS: This is the D.I.Y. version of our 50 Super Chucks Dealer's Pack. If you'd prefer to self-assemble and package your own Super Chucks color combos for resale, this is the option for you! It's a great option if you'd like to offer Super Chucks as a "made to order" toy where you let your customers choose the colors they want - perfect for county fairs, craft sales, Etsy stores, and more.

This particular kit comes with 100 assorted Rebound Balls, 50 assorted Stretchy Cords, and professional packaging materials including bags and full color printed labels. You'll be able to assemble and package a total of 50 Super Chucks that you can retail at $7 to $10 each! By the way, if you can tie a simple knot, you can assemble Super Chucks. It's a snap.

Here is some additional info. about our exclusive Super Chucks Dealer Packs...

As the direct manufacturer of our new patent pending Super Chucks toy product, we're able to offer them to you in quantity at wholesale cost. This opens the door to a fun income opportunity for virtually anybody.
Make up to $60 in profit for every 10 pairs of Super Chucks that you sell. Here are some hot venue ideas for you:

  • "Young entrepreneurs" can sell Super Chucks to school friends, at after school events, parties, through social media, and more. They sell like hotcakes to kids ages 4-15+ - both boys and girls.

  • Do you own a gift shop or retail outlet? Super Chucks make an awesome point of purchase product and more!

  • Super Chucks are a great product for county fairs, youth group events, craft sales, and more! We made $1,800 in sales selling them at our recent local country fair (and just for fun, this is an actual pic of some of the cash we made)...


So there you have it! If you have any questions about our Super Chucks Dealer's Packs, you can reach us through our contact page or email us directly.

Introducing Super Chucks,
The Made To Order Super Toy!

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and International!

Super Chucks are SAFE, addicting fun!  And a quick note to parents...we guarantee these will get your kids (and even your teens!) off their devices. They can be used indoors or out, and won't even so much as scuff the walls because our special injection molded Rebound Balls are made out of a special silicone rubber that's soft, and yet virtually unbreakable...

The balls are attached by what we call Stretchy Cord - a special kind of elastic paracord that enables Super Chucks players to sling their chucks back and forth with friends, rebound them off of walls (brick or otherwise) to play intense games of wall ball, pop them up to 100+ feet in the air by hitting the Stretchy Cord right in the middle between the Rebound Balls with one finger - and lots more...

Watch our video below to check 'em out if you missed it on our home page!

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- Includes a full assortment of 100 Rebound Balls and 50 Stretchy Cords (to make a total of 50 Super Chucks)
- Professional packaging (bags and full color labels) also included

- 14 day money back guarantee
- Ships USPS, usually within 2 business days