Super Party Pack - 20 Super Chucks!

Super Party Pack - 20 Super Chucks!

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SUPER PARTY PACK DETAILS: Our Super Party Pack comes with 20 Super Chucks in a full assortment including all of our colors, and is awesome for birthday parties, holiday gifts, special events, group games, team play, safe target practice, and more... They're even used as a safe paintball alternative provided paintball masks or goggles are still worn. Give each player 5 Super Chucks and let the games begin! You'll never need to buy expensive ammo again, and being that Super Chucks are made of soft silicone rubber, they're much more forgiving than paintballs. The possibilities with Super Chucks are endless.

Introducing Super Chucks,
The Made To Order Super Toy!

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Super Chucks are SAFE, addicting fun!  And a quick note to parents...we guarantee these will get your kids (and even your teens!) off their devices. They can be used indoors or out, and won't even so much as scuff the walls because our special injection molded Rebound Balls are made out of a special silicone rubber that's soft, and yet virtually unbreakable...

The balls are attached by what we call Stretchy Cord - a special kind of elastic paracord that enables Super Chucks players to sling their chucks back and forth with friends, rebound them off of walls (brick or otherwise) to play intense games of wall ball, pop them up to 100+ feet in the air by hitting the Stretchy Cord right in the middle between the Rebound Balls with one finger - and lots more...

Watch our video below to check 'em out if you missed it on our home page!

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