Super Chucks - "Orange Pops"

Super Chucks - "Orange Pops"

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Our Super Chucks are a fun new (and yet old school) breed of skill toy that have fans and players around the world in love with their simplicity, and yet versatility.

There is virtually no limit to the tricks and games that you can come up with using Super Chucks - check it out:

  • Spin 'em
  • Bounce 'em.
  • Stretch them back and fling 'em.
  • Use 'em for target practice, wall ball, or catch.
  • They're great for team sports too. Set your volleyball aside and shoot a pair of Super Chucks back and forth between teams of 5 instead - if your side drops them, you lose a point.
  • Get creative and set up a Super Chucks challenge at your next birthday party or special event, where each participant has to complete a list of tricks or stunts with their Super Chucks - fastest time wins.
  • Musicians including guitar and piano players use them to spin between the fingers (called "begleri") to increase finger dexterity.

  • The list goes on!

Super Chucks make the perfect gift for ages 4-15+, but ultimately they're fun for ALL ages - meaning adults too (just ask our staff).

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ORDER NOW and let the creativity and fun begin with Super Chucks, "The Bouncy, Stretchy Skill Toy!"