The Razor

The Razor

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Gravity? Pshhhh...
From the makers of Super
Chucks, it's the latest gadget
fresh out of the FunTraptions Inc
gadget lab! Introducing the...

Wind it up, give it a pull, set The Razor on edge, and watch in awe as it seems to defy gravity... Not only will it continue to spin while balancing on edge, it'll also eventually pull itself into an upright position!  Check it out...

The Razor is a blast for gadget lovers young and old from age 4 to adult and precision machined out of top quality materials...

  • Solid aluminum flywheel
  • Stainless steel handle / base
  • Ceramic bearing
  • Durable string included

You'll feel the quality in your hands as you hold the 'weighty' 4.8 ounce Razor in your hands.

If you're looking for a unique gift whether it be as a toy or as an attractive collector's piece, look no further.

And at just $35 it's a 'steel' (pun intended), but seriously - aluminum spinners alone sell for up to $75 (not that we are downgrading The Razor by classifying it as a spinner when it's clearly much more)!

The Razor's only drawback is trying to decide whether to play with it, or put it on display!...

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